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Dole plc is today the world’s leading fresh produce provider. Local at heart, global by nature, we operate on the ground across 30 countries while serving many more. Our industry leading vertically integrated supply chain extends across the globe incorporating over 250 facilities including farms, vessels, manufacturing facilities, cold storage warehousing and packhouses. This extensive infrastructure and global reach allows Dole plc to grow, source and supply the complete portfolio of the finest fresh fruits and vegetables from close to home and around the world.

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Fruit Legend

Growing, sourcing, importing, packaging, marketing and distributing over 300 lines of fresh produce, Dole plc’s range extends from the more familiar to the truly exotic and includes extensive organic and value added fresh cut ranges.

A Rich Brand Heritage.

The history of the DOLE® brand begins with James Dole and his dedication to “quality, quality, quality”—a dedication predicated on a commitment to influencing as much of the process of growing and delivering exotic fruits to consumers as possible. Consistently ensuring that quality and building a reputation for accepting only the very best has provided the necessary foundation for the company to expand into a wide range of products and markets—contributing to its evolution into the leading brand worldwide.

brand heritage
making the world healthier

Making The World A Healthier Place

Dole is the premium, farm-fresh foods brand that enhances your life with delicious fruits and vegetables for healthy meals by constantly innovating and bringing them from around the world to your table at the peak of quality, freshness and taste.

Inspired by nature and its benefits for all of us. Colours and flavours from the earth—pure and simple. It’s farmers using responsible practices. It’s neighbours sharing fresh picks from their gardens, or a group of young friends gathered around the kitchen enjoying fresh finds from their local markets. Giving people the power to experience healthy living is what we love to do.

Local Brands

Dole plc’s on-the-ground infrastructure place us at the very heart of the communities in which we operate. Empowered local management bring relationships, an understanding of local customers, consumers and market dynamics and provide that all important personal touch.

This local presence also allows us to be a constructive, enthusiastic partner to extensive networks of local growers in each of these markets. Working in hand in glove with the very best local independent producers, we provide technical, financial, logistical and promotional support, investing in their farms, facilities and their businesses and ensuring that local fresh fruits and vegetables takes pride of place in our produce portfolio.

local brands

A Case in Point

The Grá brand is exclusively used by Dole Ireland to promote local produce. Products are sourced from over 25 of the most experienced and accomplished local growers from across Ireland. The wide range of Irish products includes strawberries, apples and herbs. Con Traas is a second- generation apple farmer, located just outside Cahir, County Tipperary in Ireland.